Meet Esmerelda!

I was tired of not completing a knitting project so I knitted a life coach. Meet Esmerelda.

File Apr 09, 11 21 48 AM

Anyone can knit a life coach. Knit yours today! Esmerelda told me to say that.

The first thing Esmerelda asked me to do was to throw away the old, dried-up roses in my bedroom and get my shit together. She’s already a huge inspiration!

She has also encouraged me to forgive myself for only knitting 6 or 7 rows in the past few weeks. I was traveling in Los Angeles for back-to-back conferences. Here is my progress, as well as a picture of the dangerous sliding door to my bathroom in the first hotel. Most doors swing open when you walk into them. This one, not so much.

The first conference was for my personal writing, where I connected with a few agents and friends in the publishing industry. Esmerelda tells me I need to submit my short story to more literary journals AND submit my cleaning-lady novel (Hot Mess) to agents. She pointed out that you can’t get published when you don’t submit your work.

The second conference was for communication professionals who work at comprehensive cancer centers. I edit/write a lifestyle magazine for cancer patients. It was inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded professionals. We work in cancer care because we want patients to know the latest in research and new treatments. Cancer sucks, but hope is alive and well.

Here are a few shots from the second hotel. It was way better than the first.

Now that I am home, Esmerelda and I are going to sit down and come up with a strategy to kick ass and take names. She’s a little bitchy, I’ll admit, and she’s been trying to impose her political views upon me. I like her, though. I suspect she is going to help me a lot.

File Apr 09, 11 30 23 AM

As you can see, I can’t sew for shit either.

More soon!

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