Blind knitting anyone?

It seemed like a good idea to stuff my knitting needles and yarn in my purse, you know, just in case I got the urge while I was out and about. Not likely since we were going to the movies to see Zoolander, but you never know.

Everyone talks about how relaxing knitting can be. It takes the edge off. It gives your mind time to work out its worries. I’m not convinced I find knitting relaxing (yet), but truth be told I thought maybe the mere presence of the supplies might be calming. Kind of like hiding your teddy bear in your overnight bag when you go to a sleepover. Just knowing he’s in there makes you feel better.

Turns out, I did knit a couple rows during the previews before the lights went off. It kept me from eating all my popcorn before the movie started. I’m not lying, here’s a picture. I put it away to watch the movie and thought I was done.


Reclining movie-seat knitting. Comfy, but it’s probably easier sitting up.

But no. After my popcorn was gone, I got a little antsy. And I started thinking (trust me, it is possible to think and watch Zoolander at the same time): Can a person knit in the dark? Like, what if I lose my peripheral vision in 20 years like my dad and can barely see?

I started wondering if knitting is the best hobby for me in the long run. The last thing I want is to learn what gauge means only to have to quit because of low vision.

Thus my first two rows of blind, movie-theatre knitting. It can definitely be done! You can feel the first stitch on the needle and go through the motions without looking.

Yes, I totally screwed up my mohair metallic scarf, but nearly as bad as I expected. I added a few stitches, wrapped the yarn in a couple places, but overall it looks like knitting. It is still way better than the washclapotholder I made last month.

I already knit better with my eyes closed than I did a month ago with my eyes open. That’s progress!

Knitting in a dark movie theatre got me thinking about other extreme-knitting situations: as a car passenger during rush hour, jumping in a bounce house, smoking a cigarette… It’s all about the possibilities, people.

P.S. Ben Stiller never disappoints me. And Will Ferrell? Comic gold as always.





  1. Twilight Storm Crafts · February 29, 2016

    I don’t think smoking and knitting or crocheting is possible. If it is I never figured out the secret…. (Yes I know I shouldn’t smoke for all those who feel the need to remind me) I got away from smoking near my yarn arts because the yarn can pick up the smell.

    My mom went back into the hospital tonight and I’m on an IPad I’m having a hard time figuring out. Using it, and knitting is also impossible for me…..


    • Beth Uznis Johnson · February 29, 2016

      I have been too scared to smoke since I started writing about cancer four years ago. Scared straight. I’m sorry about your mom – hope she’s OK. Also hope you didn’t have to spend all night at the hospital.

      Liked by 1 person

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