Totally judging the uncommitted crocheter

I’m sitting by the pool on vacation and realize the lady next to me is knitting. Wait, no, not knitting. What’s that metal hook?

Ooooohhhh! I’ve heard about this. She’s crocheting. I watch for a few minutes. It does look easier.

File Feb 16, 8 23 45 PM

Beautiful weather, a sparkling pool and a crocheter who keeps to herself. 

It troubles me she’s using brown yarn. The hook thing is really small and so is whatever she’s making.

“Granny squares,” she tells me. “I don’t crochet very often, only on vacation. Sometimes it will take me two years to finish one square.”

I laugh and tell her I’m learning how to knit. I’m excited she’s a non-professional like me and even more so that she’s a self-admitted slacker. I consider telling her I can’t knit for shit either.

But then she looks embarrassed, shrugs and says, “I guess I’m not very committed. It’s not like knitting.”

She doesn’t seem interested in chatting further: no eye contact, turns away a little, continues crafting…

Oh. I see what’s happening here.

Well. For all she knows, I knit real clothes like sweaters with sleeves and no holes. Let her think so. I’m totally judging her dumb little granny square (even if it is an actual shape and has multiple colors) and lack of dedication to her craft.

File Feb 16, 8 24 18 PM

I’ll admit it’s kind of cool. But what are granny squares used for? 

I knit. Perhaps badly, but my commitment is solid. Solid, dammit! I vow to make something way cooler than a granny square and it’s not going to take me two years to do it.




  1. cathymellett · February 17, 2016

    Granny squares are used to join together to other granny squares and so on and so on, until you get a pastiche of granny squares (throw, blanket, vest!, well, you get the idea). Now I have to learn how to crochet just so I can give you a granny square something.


  2. cathymellett · February 17, 2016

    I can totally see you in a granny square vest. 😉


  3. Twilight Storm Crafts · February 18, 2016

    Hey now, no bashing on the granny squares. I made a giant rainbow clown barf granny square for my niece’s baby. It took about a week to make but I’d have never been able to knit a baby blanket in a week. I was the only one who came through with a handmade blanket, clown barf or not lol. Granny squares, normal ones like hers are usually used in afghans but there’s a lot of patterns for more fancy squares. There are circumstances you will need to know basic crochet for knitting. Crochet cast on is one, provisional cast on…. You can also do crochet edgings for knitted blankets. It’s not a needed skill but handy to know, and also fun to do. (Plus you have your very own chance to make your VERY OWN 3D crochet glob like I did when I was learning 3 basic crochet stitches lol. Hope your vacation continues going well!


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