Badass airplane knitter…

Hello from Scottsdale, AZ! I am officially one of those people who knits on the plane.

File Feb 13, 7 50 07 AM

The lady sitting next to me wouldn’t dare mess with these sharp suckers.

First and foremost, yes, you can take knitting needles on an aircraft. The TSA strongly suggests wooden needles over metal ones. I checked ahead of time, as the weapon-like, stabby nature of the crafting tools got me thinking. Right? Couldn’t an angry person do some serious damage with a couple sharp sticks?

Not to mention how useful they could be for:

  1. picking locks
  2. putting someone in a chokehold
  3. getting people do to what you want by threatening to stab them in the privates

Not me, though. I would have gladly packed them in my checked luggage if necessary. But it wasn’t necessary and a good thing, too.

Knitting on the plane is awesome! Less concentration required than reading, looks more productive than staring, keeps the person next to you from making excessive conversation. And, if they do speak to you, you can answer without making eye contact.

Keeping my hands and eyes busy kept me from ordering wine from the beverage cart and gazing across the aisle at the lady who did.

File Feb 13, 7 53 31 AM

That’s my son behind me. My other son took the picture. 4 glorious hours of adding and dropping stitches.

The only thing the knitting didn’t help was to quiet the screaming baby. Of course there was one. Isn’t there always? This one was a little odd: he cried and screamed if his parents tried to make him sit down. If they let him be, he popped up over the headrest and desperately screamed, “Hi!” over and over and over and over and over…I don’t think he ever would have stopped.

Another topic for another time: how annoying it is when a grown adult next to you continues to curse the crying baby for the entire flight. Thus, two crying babies.

Knitting kept me calm. It was nice. I’m making a skinny scarf now. The yarn is more like string, which I don’t like, but it’s multicolored so that’s fun. I’m assuming at least one person sitting near me could call bullshit on my skillz. I kept adding stitches by mistake and trying to drop them. Result = holes.

I’m going to look up that stockinette stitch Twilight keeps talking about and see how much progress I can make in 7 days. For now, I’ll sit here in the breakfast room at my hotel–knitting, of course–because I think it will give me a great chance to eavesdrop. Not because I’m a jerk, because I’m a writer.


One comment

  1. Sherry Johnson · February 13, 2016

    So nice to see you…I noticed Kev in the background..once again you had me laughing. Your writing, as Usual is enjoyable. Please send photo’s of where you are staying and especially when you go to Grand Canyon… exciting. Will you give me a lesson? Wait a minute, did you say wine!?!


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