Take a lesson? Cmon!

My mom is on vacation in Hawaii and, even though she loves it, she’s the kind of person who makes sure her cell phone plan is fully activated so she can stay in touch. She’ll argue this is in case there are any emergencies regarding her elderly parents.

The truth is we keep in better touch when she’s on vacation. It’s always been this way. Emails and texts come in steady streams. Even phone calls. Now that my kids have phones, she texts them, too.

So I get an email from Hawaii. She’s been reading this blog. She thinks maybe it’s time I “take a lesson.” I’m a little offended!

Did she NOT see the washctarpotholder? Or the cervical collar? For god’s sake, I knitted a letter of the alphabet.

Though my mom and I are alike in many ways, there are two activities that clearly demonstrate our differences: yoga (BO-RING, she says) and knitting (BO-RING, she says). She’d rather play tennis, ride bikes, ski, snorkel, windsurf…

Her email also said she’s worried I might knit a scarf that stretches from my house to her house (about 20 miles). Because I’m “compulsive.” Is that a challenge?!

I wonder how long it will take to knit 20 miles? Aloha, Mom! It’s 11 degrees here this morning. Miss you! xoxoxo






One comment

  1. Sherry Johnson · February 11, 2016

    It looks OKAY, I guess, but I still haven’t started, yet…..my opinion isn’t worth much (smile)


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