Anyone need a cervical collar?

It doesn’t seem possible that a ball of yarn as cool as this:

File Feb 05, 1 40 39 PM

It’s light. It’s soft. It’s airy. There are sequins!


…could end up a neck collar as ugly as this:

File Feb 05, 1 36 10 PM

An example of high expectations gone wrong. Really wrong.


It’s probably a good thing it wasn’t a very big ball of yarn and that it ran out before I had a longer garment. How did it knit something this ugly? Pretty sure if I wrapped it tighter around my neck it would pass for a soft foam cervical collar you wear when you get whiplash.

Using this yarn taught me a couple life lessons:

  1. You CAN make something ugly out of something pretty
  2. Just because it has sequins doesn’t mean it sparkles
  3. Trying to knit with yarn like this is a pointless exercise in making something way harder than it needs to be*


*Beginning knitters needn’t use yarn that includes holes and gaps. They’re magnets for knitting needles and you’ll find yourself ripping (literally) unwanted threads off the needle. Not the kind of threads that snap easily, the kind that make you flex like the Hulk until veins pop out of your forehead.

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