Getting crafty with coupons

I went to the craft store despite having a headache. Knitting, after all, is supposed to be relaxing so I convince myself the supplies are equally relaxing.

The craft store smells good and reminds me of my mom buying fabric in the 70s to make our Halloween costumes and groovy pants. Remember pinking shears? So fancy.

Instead of going directly to the knitting section, I find myself wandering over to the silk flowers and wreaths. I suspect this could be another budding hobby in the future. I force myself away and cross to the back of the store. Past the beads and jewelry, past the planters, past the spools of thread.

I overhear two women talking about how everyone asks why they bother with such crafts. “I love it,” says the one. “I won’t be stoping anytime soon.” For some reason, the conversation touches me and I haul ass to the yarn.

Four glorious aisles of yarn!

For as many beautiful colors and combinations, there are as many awful ones. Like, what would anyone knit using yarn the color of diarrhea? I send a few sample pictures to my writer friends for fun. They instruct me to buy black and knit a cloak for Steve’s knockout 15-year old daughter. I might try it.

Using my coupon, I purchase $60 of yarn. I buy two huge loaves (balls, bundles, reams?) of baby yarn so I can knit infant caps and donate them to premies. Don’t worry, I won’t do this until I can knit something besides a washclopotholder.

I also buy many other varieties so I can fuck up pretty scarves, hats, sweaters, the options are endless! I can’t wait to get this yarn home so I can get started.


  1. Twilight Storm Crafts · February 4, 2016

    LOL! Your excitement about getting your new yarn home to fuck up an endless list of projects. 🙂 I love that you want to work on premie caps eventually too. I haven’t been brave enough to work on any knitted objects in the round yet. I did order some sets of Hong Kong aluminum circular knitting needles off amazon though. Waiting for them to arrive….. I couldn’t resist 11 sizes for less than 10 bucks. One set came already and I actually like them so I decided to try a couple different “brands” and lengths. (They look the same in different packaging) I found a new seller in early January that had a set for (I’m guessing) an introductory 4 bucks and free shipping. I plan on reviewing them when the other sizes/brands when thy get here. I did get a rusty yarn needle in one of the cellophanes in this first set… the overall bonus yarn needle “to sew the joint” quality is pretty bleh. The circular needles seem pretty decent so far though.

    OH- one last thing- I love black yarn, but before you go crazy using it, get comfortable with your stitches. Black can be annoying because it can be really hard to see what’s going on. Not saying not to try it btw, just practicing with a lighter color when you try something new will probably be easier. (White is just as annoying for the same reasons to me.) I have a light brown yarn I use to practice new things on. I do whatever it is I’m trying then take it apart again. This kills the yarn eventually (strands loose stretch, get splitty and get ‘sweater balls’) but in my mind it saves my ‘good’ yarn from sometimes disastrous technique-practicing.

    Heck now that I’ve yammered your eyeballs off it’s time to give my nemesis decrease pattern Spring Chick another try… At the rate I’m going I’ll have a small army of ugly brown and yellow chicklings before I get one right. LOL! Have a good day/morning/night. Hope the weather isn’t bad by you!

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