You know what would be even more relaxing?

I’m practicing with very skinny knitting needles today. It feels like trying something new and keeps me from feeling obligated to go back to the Good Knit Kisses YouTube series (snort, I know!) to learn the purl stitch.

It’s probably not that hard, but it will be another thing to remember and f*ck up. I can wait.

Today is my 243rd day of sobriety. I’m not actually counting, but I have an app so it’s easy to look up. I drank at a pretty good clip for around 30 years so I shouldn’t be so surprised when cravings still come upon me.

It’s within the magic time range of 4:30 – 7:30, right when you might pour yourself a glass of red after work. I’m sitting here knitting (it’s quiet, I sent the boys to their rooms for being jerks, no TV) and it strikes me: You know what would make this even more relaxing?

A glass of wine.

Knitting FAIL. I guess I’m not the sit-here-and-knit-quietly type. Perhaps some TV accompaniment or music will keep my mind from going to the bad place.

I think this long pink thing might end up being a leg bandana. What ever happened to those?

File Jan 26, 5 14 41 PM

Trying skinny needles gives one a sense of adventure.



  1. Carla Damron · January 28, 2016

    I hope the other leg banana is purple. And purled.


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