Let’s worry about counting stitches

Why knitting? A lot of reasons, I guess. I quit drinking last spring and it seems like I need a replacement hobby. I’m told it’s a relaxing activity and, without getting into the gory details, I could stand to chill out. Plus there are those pesky repetitive body-focused behaviors, OCD spectrum stuff. With knitting needles in hand, I can’t very well pick my cuticles or anything else.

Also you can’t eat when you’re knitting.

And if attacked, you can stab the attacker in the eye with a needle. I’m not condoning violence, but the douchebag’s going to get it.

I found a YouTube video series called Good Knit Kisses (snort, I know!) that shows you how to cast on and knit rows. Here’s my first creation. I call it a washclarfragwipe.

Beginner tips: Does anyone have some for me?

For next time: Try not to make accidental holes. Figure out how mysterious stitches lead to uneven rows. Knit something with an actual shape.




  1. Twilight Storm Crafts · January 26, 2016

    Another piece of beginner advise to give is to search YouTube for knitting videos. There’s lots of great ones people made and you’re bound to find someone who’s teaching style works with you. I did forget to add in my other comment that your washclarfragwipe is 1000 times better looking than my first attempt at crochet! I wish I took pictures now like you did. It was supposed to be a square, but I started crocheting in the wrong places on the stitches and ended up with a 20 stitch wide 4 row long solid 3D glob. I showed it to the person trying to teach me and they examined it. Turned it every which way. Poked and pulled it a bit before she looked at me and asked: “What the hell did you do? I have no idea even what you did.” To that I answered “It’s single crochet.” lol I suppose I could have tied it off and kept it and told people I tried to crochet a rock or something! Seriously I hope you didn’t take any offence in my comments. You just strike me as someone who can laugh. Best wishes and a big grays on quitting drinking!


    • Beth Johnson · January 27, 2016

      LOL. I want to crochet a 3D glob! I wish you had a picture.


  2. Commuter Knits · January 26, 2016

    That has to be the best hash-tag I’ve read for a while


    • Beth Johnson · January 27, 2016

      It came to me in the middle of the night. I started laughing, which annoys the husband. Worth it!


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